Wednesday, 20 July 2016

5 Tools Everyone in Internet Marketing in Toronto Should Be Using

The boom of Internet marketing in Toronto is no secret. And, the future seems just as wired for success in this wireless industry. With technology upgrading at rapid paces, it proves difficult to keep up with the best techniques. Let’s consider just five tools everyone should be using to boost their online marketing power.


No need to hire an analyst when Google Analytics is on the job. This tool tracks visitors in real time. The data enables you to identify how to reach your audience and drive traffic to your site. And, rest assured, no part of the funnel falls in your blind spot when you employ Google Analytics.


With over a billion users, this social media giant creates targeted opportunities for you to reach a broad audience. Facebook features such as Pages Manager and Insights gets your products and services before the eyes of the right audience. Pages, Groups and Ads offer three marketing platforms.


Images, links and hashtags open doors to brand awareness, web traffic and conversions through Twitter. This social media outlet keeps you in meaningful conversation with your target audience and customers. Tweet Deck organizes multiple Twitter accounts under a single screen.


Underutilized by many companies, LinkedIn offers varied ways to network with those in your industry and connect with your target. Increased readership and lead generation prove viable components of this social media platform. Also, LinkedIn Pulse provides a free, easy means of blogging.


An up-to-date website and blog still best represent your business. It is the home users come to visit 24/7. Clean, current, easy navigation and attractive graphics lead to a successful website.

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